Keys and fobs

Procedure for Issuing fob keys

The following list of people will be entitled to own a fob key:

  • Tenants/Family
  • Staff of the Co-op
  • Regular contractors
  • Council & Brent Officials
  • District Nurse
  • Social Services
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Home Helps
  • Official Carers
  • Support Workers
  • Veolia

NB: "Family" is a permanent member of the household. A fob will not be issued to any person who is not a member of the household (Tenant means a secure tenant/leaseholder or those on a fixed term tenancy).

A fob will only be issued free of charge for the following reasons:

  1. A new tenant is moving into a property
  2. A new regular contractor has been appointed to the Co-op
  3. A new staff member of Co-op staff
  4. A staff member has lost their fob or it becomes faulty
  5. A fob has been Stolen (A police crime reference number must be given as proof)

A fob key will be issued with payment when:

  1. A tenant has lost the original fob key and requires a replacement
  2. A tenant has broken the fob and requires a replacement
  3. A contractor has lost the original fob key and requires a replacement
  4. A contractor has broken the fob key and requires a replacement
  5. A tenant/contractor requires additional fobs
  6. A tenant of a leasehold dwelling requests a fob (A letter from the leaseholder is required or a copy of the tenancy agreement is less than 6 months old)
  7. A tenant child/children has reached the age of 11 (with written parental consent a fob will be given)

A fee of £10.00 is payable for a key fob

The Co-op reserves the right to refuse the issue of a fob if a valid reason is not given

Lost, broken or stolen fob keys must be deleted as soon as possible. All information must be recorded within the fob audit folder.

Lost fobs must be decoded immediately or within 24 hours.

When a new fob is issued, a receipt must be given to the person receiving the fob and the fob must be signed for whether or not a payment is required and details must be held on file for the Co-op records.

Fob keys must only be issued to the tenant/resident/contractor with a valid ID, preferably photo identification and a copy should be held on file.

A fob key is the holder’s responsibility.

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